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Just how big is this scale model ? . . . ENORMOUS . . .

This model is a ( one of a kind ) huge genuine 7.4 ft original .

Even the width of this mega model is wider than most other model boats are long .

Old style ships are okay , but modern Mega Yachts like Cosmos are what the Super Rich of the world really want.

Just how impressive is this model ?

When ever on display , Cosmos has always received the most amazing praise and attention . People would always walk up to the boat and say " WOW what an Amazing Model "

Cosmos has made some spectacular entrances at model boat clubs , receiving an heroic undefeated applause from other club members as they become captivated and amazed by the model . People seemed to just stop what they were doing and become drawn to it like a magnet . Asking questions like "does the helicopter really fly ? "...... "How much did it cost ? " ( over $8000 ) ....... " How fast will she go ? " ...... And most of all ...... " Would you consider selling it " ???


The model was commissioned to give the owners of the original Full size Cosmos ( by Lloyd's Ships Brisbane ) a full understanding of what to expect with the newly proposed Cosmos 2 . Unfortunately the project never got underway for two reasons . The first reason was the shipyard owned by the Qintex group ( under the control of the late Christopher Skase ) , went through a turbulent time and several changes of ownership . The second reason was of course , the price tag ( $50,000 000 ) . At nearly 200 feet it would have been Australia's largest and most expensive private boat ever built . The original Cosmos ( at just under 100 feet ) is still considered one of Australia's most luxurious and recognizable private vessels . Having featured in movies and life style shows , it was the first boat of it's size to have a fully operational private Heliport . Cosmos set the standards for all mega yachts to come .

More - History

Cosmos 2 ( the model ) was built in 1991 . It took 6 full months of hand crafting to complete . One very proud fact being that the Model was 100 % percent made in Australia from all the best materials our great country has to offer .

The hull of this Mega yacht ( super structure ) is made from a revolutionary process of using plexiglass . Smoother and more consistent than other substrates like fibreglass and wood .

The upper deck design was also a feat of engineering and was so complicated that it was estimated to have taken more than $5000 in labour to complete .

The replacement cost in 2008 for this model would be well over $10, 000 .



Another great feature of the model includes the ability to separate the entire upper section of the ship from the Hull . This gives perfect access to the engine compartment . It also makes it much more easy to transport .

Cosmos 2 is highly detailed . You will note from the photo's the model has three main Decks . With a fourth deck area recessed for the Helicopter Pad . The Helipad has an electric motor driven by D size batteries . This motor and battery system are hidden underneath the pad (out of view) . A drive shaft from the Hughes 500 D Helicopter fits into a key way shaft receiver in the deck . This mechanical drive then turns both the Main rotor and Tail rotor blades together . It is uncommon for a Static model helicopter , to have a rotating tail rotor , as well as the main rotor turning at the same time . The helicopter kit it self is a rare Nichimo 1/20 scale model that has become very sought after by collectors . The kits commonly fetch up to $300 at auction . One recent ebay seller described the model as the holy grail of helicopter kits .

It is also interesting to note that since Cosmos 2 completion , the world of Micro R.C helicopters has come of age . With great luck , the general size of some micro heli's sold today are actually within the correct scale of the ship . One example would be the micro heli ' Robins ' by Esky . This micro is so stable , that it should be possible to do real take off and landings from the flight deck of this mega yacht .


More - Features

The top deck is very well equipped with two speed boats , a Hughes 500 D Helicopter , an open deck spa , boat cradle's and davits . Smaller detailed items include radar , smoke stacks , air horns , scale people , table and chairs and numerous antenna's .

All 4 decks are made from real wood with hand drawn planking etched into high quality Meranti . For the first time since the model was built , the complete deck area has been re-oiled. ' Wow ' looks amazing - so please take your shoes off before you come on board . Yes that was a joke .

Over the years the model has been kept in outstanding condition and has never needed any maintenance what so ever. Apart from a little bit of dusting once per year , the model is virtually maintenance free.

Pure quality can be seen everywhere , including the ships stand ( Cradle ) . The hand carved Red Cedar Stand is no less than a work of art and has been sealed in many coats of beautiful clear varnish .



I am thinking of Remote Controlling it ( the history is interesting )

At one stage it was fully setup for remote control operation. However the model is not currently equipped with R.C gear or a motor . Originally it was powered by a 3 hp chain saw petrol motor. The motor had a clutch and belt drive system that ran two pulleys at the end of the shafts .The pulley wheels are still in position and ready to receive a standard automotive V belt . The original 3 hp motor gave it a brilliant top speed of approximately 10 to 15 km/h . The brass propellers and shafts are still moving freely and have never given any problems . Both rudders move freely and have servo rods and horns ready in place to be driven by standard servos .

If I do go ahead and remote control this model again , I would consider going totally electric this time . Electric technology has come so far and compared to petrol , it would be so much quieter and cleaner . The buoyancy of this model is so great , I'm guessing it could carry a couple of full size car batteries . One or two hundred amp/hours of stored battery capacity should give this model amazing endurance .



One way to get a true appreciation of the size of this model is to get your tape measure out and lay it down on the floor ( extend it to 7.4 ft or 2230 mm ) . Don't forget this ship is over half a metre wide . This mega model is wider than most other model boats are long .

Scale ........................................... 1/20

Models over all dimensions ......... Length 7.4 ft or 2230 mm Width 510 mm Height 800 mm 28 KG

Models Hull dimensions ............. Length 7.4 ft or 2230 mm Width 510 mm Height 410 mm 17 Kg

Models Deck dimensions ........... Length 7.3 ft or 2190 mm Width 490 mm Height 400 mm 11 Kg


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