The original ebay auction . Sale date: 17-Jan-08 21:00:14 AEDS . This was a 10 day Auction with an amazing 3000 + watchers.


' Hi ' Welcome to my auction . Here is your ( only ) opportunity to bid on the best value and most unique model ship ever offered on ebay . Don't Miss it !

Just how big is this scale model ? . . . ENORMOUS . . .

This model is a ( one of a kind ) huge genuine 7.4 foot original . Please do not make the mistake of waiting to see if any other models of this SIZE come along for sale . If you miss this one , there may never be another one .

Old style ships are okay , but modern Mega Yachts like Cosmos are what the Super Rich of the world really want.

If you are the fortunate winner of this valuable Mega Scale Model , I know your investment will increases in value over the years and you will have endless enjoyment admiring this models true beauty and size .

My giant Scale Mega Yacht WILL be sold on ebay and is NOT- replaceable .

Just how impressive is this model ?

When ever I had Cosmos 2 on display , in my home , office , or at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show , the model always received the most amazing praise and attention . For the 2 years the model spent in my office , people would always walk in and say " WOW what an Amazing Model "

If you are looking to make a spectacular entrance at your local model boat club , then this model will give you an heroic undefeated applause from other club members . The members at my local club were always in total amazement of Cosmos 2 . People seemed to just stop what they were doing and become drawn to it like a magnet . Asking questions like "does the helicopter really fly ? "...... "How much did it cost ? " ( over $8000 ) ....... " How fast will she go ? " ...... And most of all ...... " Would you consider selling it " ???


The model was commissioned to give the owners of the original Full size Cosmos ( by Lloyd's Ships Brisbane ) a full understanding of what to expect with the newly proposed Cosmos 2 . Unfortunately the project never got underway for two reasons . The first reason was the shipyard owned by the Qintex group ( under the control of the late Christopher Skase ) , went through a turbulent time and several changes of ownership . The second reason was of course , the price tag ( $50,000 000 ) . At nearly 200 feet it would have been Australia's largest and most expensive private boat ever built . The original Cosmos ( at just under 100 feet ) is still considered one of Australia's most luxurious and recognizable private vessels . Having featured in movies and life style shows , it was the first boat of it's size to have a fully operational private Heliport . Cosmos set the standards for all mega yachts to come .

More - History

Cosmos 2 ( the model ) was professionally built in 2001 at a cost of over $8000 . It took 6 full months of hand crafting to complete . One very proud fact being the Model was 100 % percent made in Australia from all the best materials our great country has to offer .

The hull of this Mega yacht ( super structure ) is made from a revolutionary process of using plexiglass . Smoother and more consistent than other substrates like fibreglass and wood .

The upper deck design was also a feat of engineering and was so complicated that it was estimated to have taken more than $5000 in labour to complete .

The replacement cost in 2008 for this model would be well over $10, 000 .



Another great feature of the model includes the ability to separate the entire upper section of the ship from the Hull . This gives perfect access to the engine compartment . It also makes it much more easy to transport .

Cosmos 2 is highly detailed . You will note from the photo's the model has three main Decks . With a fourth deck area recessed for the Helicopter Pad . The Helipad has an electric motor driven by D size batteries . This motor and battery system are hidden underneath the pad (out of view) . A drive shaft from the Hughes 500 D Helicopter fits into a key way shaft receiver in the deck . This mechanical drive then turns both the Main rotor and Tail rotor blades together . It is not common to find a STATIC model helicopters that has the tail rotor move , as well as the main rotor . The helicopter kit it self is a rare Nichimo 1/20 scale model that has become very sought after by collectors . The kits commonly fetch up to $300 at auction . One recent ebay seller described the model as the holy grail of helicopter kits .

It is also interesting to note that since Cosmos 2's completion , the world of Micro R.C helicopters have come of age . With great luck , the general size of some micro heli's sold today are actually within the correct scale of the ship . One example would be the micro heli ' Robins ' by Esky . This micro is so stable , that it should be possible to do real take off and landings from the flight deck of this mega yacht . Imagine what your friend would think !!!


More - Features

The top deck is very well equipped with two speed boats , a Hughes 500 D Helicopter , an open deck spa , boat cradle's and davits . Smaller detailed items include radar , smoke stacks , air horns , scale people , table and chairs and numerous antenna's . Please note : Most items mentioned are static display only .

All 4 decks are made from real wood with hand drawn planking etched into a high quality Meranti . For the first time since the model was built , the complete deck area has been re-oil-ed. ' Wow ' looks worth every dollar of it's original $8000 cost . So please take your shoes off before you come on board . Yes that was my attempt at a joke , but more importantly , it must be said , this model is in outstanding condition and has never needed any maintenance what so ever. Apart from a little bit of dusting once per year , the model is virtually maintenance free.

Pure quality can be seen everywhere , including what the entire ship sits on . A hand carved Red Cedar Stand is no less than a work of art and has been sealed in many coats of beautiful clear varnish .



Can it be Remote Controlled ?

The simple answer is YES ( and it was at one stage ) . However the model is not currently equipped with R.C gear or a motor . Originally it was powered by a 3 horsepower chain saw petrol motor ( not available or included in this auction ). The motor had a clutch and belt drive system that ran two pulleys at the end of the shafts .The pulley wheels are still in position and ready to receive a standard automotive V belt . Maybe a cheap Bunnings $98 23cc whipper snipper motor could be substituted . The original 3 horsepower motor gave it a brilliant top speed of approximately 10 to 15 km/h . The brass propellers and shafts are still moving freely and have never given any problems . The brass props have holes in them for balance . Both rudders move freely and have servo rods and horns ready in place to be driven by your standard servos . If it is your intention to buy this model to use as an operational WATER model , then I give no undertaking to it's performance or sea worthiness .

If I was to remote control this model again , I would consider going totally electric next time . Electric technology has come so far and compared to petrol , it would be so much quieter and cleaner . The buoyancy of this model is so great , I'm guessing it could carry a couple of full size car batteries . One or two hundred amp/hours of stored battery capacity should give this model amazing endurance . If you end up winning this model and converting it to electric , then please take photo's of the new set-up and send them to me . Better still , if the vessel is sold in my local area , then please make a time for me to come and see it running with the new set-up . I will never get tired of watching this model .



One way to get a true appreciation of the size and cost of this model is to get your tape measure out and lay it down on the floor ( extend it to 7.4 feet or 2230 mm ) . Don't forget this ship is over half a metre wide . This mega model is wider than most other model boats are long .

Scale ........................................... 1/20

Models over all dimensions ......... Length 7.4 feet or 2230 mm Width 510 mm Height 800 mm 28 KG

Models Hull dimensions ............. Length 7.4 feet or 2230 mm Width 510 mm Height 410 mm 17 Kg

Models Deck dimensions ........... Length 7.3 feet or 2190 mm Width 490 mm Height 400 mm 11 Kg

Genuine $1000 FREE bonus item
( This is an ebay first and our exclusive concept )
All rights reserved . Copyright by Cskoo

If this auction goes over $ 3990 and you are the winner , I will throw in for FREE the professionally built Cosmos 2 Web-Site .

Valued at over $1000 , this is a massive genuine free offer and our unique valuable gift to you .

Having your own personal Cosmos 2 web-site will inspire all your family and friends to become involved with your amazing new acquisition . You can then simply email everyone the (web-site link ) and bring together friends from across the country and around the world .

Everyone will be so impressed

What do you get for free ?

$1000 of ' true value ' . The Cosmos 2 web-site has taken a huge amount of time to create all the photographic material , plus over 1500 words of script . All together this extremely well laid out web-site has taken over 33 hours to complete . If you have ever made your own complex web-site before , you will also appreciate how much time and money they take . As a professional web-site Master , I value the intellectual property hosted within this Auction at $1015.50 or ( 33.85 hours x $ 30 ). If you do not know how to host a web-site ' don't worry ' I can organise it for you . My free offer also includes uploading the Cosmos 2 Web-site to your own Bravehost server .

Bravehost is a free web space provider that can accept FTP or basic text up loads . This means once I have up loaded the entire site for you , you can ( with no previous experience ) change words and photos at your own will .

Where can you see the Cosmos 2 web site ( so you can understand exactly what is included ) ?

The Auction you are looking at now, ( less any "ebay" hosted content ) IS exactly what you will be receiving .

Our free bonus web-site only relates to information or content found within the Description box provided by ebay for their sellers. This DOES NOT include any ebay material hosted outside the description box and remains respectfully the property of ebay and it's rightful owner/s .

Can ( the seller ) make changes to the existing web-site for me ?

In general no , however before I up load your new site , you can ask me to delete ( AT MY DISCRETION ) any reference to the web-site presenting itself as a sale auction . By simply removing things like the ' Terms of Sale' , ' Bid Now ' and the bonus offer info , I can transform the site into a ' Presentation ' web-site only. Or you may ask me to leave the site in it's existing selling format , so you can use it as a potential aid to sell the model sometime in the future . Please let me know your preference .

Before I can up load your new Cosmos 2 web-site , I will need you to agree on some things first .

1) You must sign up ( yourself ) for your own Bravehost site . It's easy to do and it's free . Bravenet is free to you because Bravehost/net make their money out of advertising banner space .You too will have to accept banner space at the top of your site if you want a free host site . It must be a Bravehost account as I am not familiar with other sites and their FTP requirements . Sorry , this free offer does not including my extra time to learn about other web-host providers and their upload procedures .

2) Once you have your free Bravehost site and log in details , I will require you to email them to me so I can get the necessary details to upload your site to Bravehost via FTP . Examples of information I will need : Server or Host Name: ( Normally = ) . FTP - User Name: ??? ( they will generate this once your account is open ). And finally your Password: ??? ( You choose this ). Again it's all very easy . They take you through step by step and it's free .

OR ...... if you understand the process of web-site making (or have a friend with web-site making skills ) , then I can send you the source code and pictures separately by email . You will be responsible for creating you own new links to the photos ( hosted from your own site) . You will need to put your new HTTP header back into the source code for the photo's to re-work with your server . After I pull the photos off my site , they will become broken links unless re-linked by you. Sorry no hot links to me . It's your choice , set-up your own site using our content , or I can organise a free upload to your Bravehost site for you .

3) If you decide to have me upload the Cosmos 2 web-site to your Bravehost site on your behalf , then after I have completed this step , our $1000 free bonus offer will be complete . Under no circumstances will I be held responsible for any errors within the site , or dealings you have with your service provider ( Bravehost ). The Cosmos 2 web-site does not come with a warranty or any guarantee to the accuracy of it's content . Most of all , our offer does not include any on going support or quick free changes . If you need any additional work done by me , I will offer my services at $30 per hour . ( Please just email me ).

Please note :
Winning this Auction does NOT require you to except my free $1000 bonus gift ( the Cosmos 2 web-site ) . Further more, I have NO affiliation with Bravehost / Bravenet services and do not stand to profit any money what so ever by recommending them . I have only enforced this recommendation based on my own great personal experience with them . I know and trust their system well . At no time are you obligated to give me your personal Bravehost details , although I will not be able to up-load your Cosmos 2 web-site without them. Unless you host the site yourself , I am not allowing you ( in our free offer ) to suggest any other host providers other than Bravehost . This is because it will take a great amount of my time to get familiar with other hosts and their different way of doing things ( Bravehost only please ) . Our offer does not include uploading your link to any search engines . In most cases search engines do a complete new search of the internet once every 3 months looking for new hypertext links like yours . It's not guaranteed , but in most cases if you do nothing , 3 or 6 month later your site may appear some where on a search engine with out doing anything . Or you can ( not us ) submit your new web-link to any of the major search engines from your own computer , for free . If you do not agree with any part of our Free bonus offer , then please enjoy the Model without the cosmos 2 website .

I do appreciate you have quite a few details to consider with our free bonus offer and terms , however the bottom line is ( there are no catches ) and you will receive an amazing professionally built FREE web-site , with a huge genuine value of $1000 .


I will be extremely sad the day this wonderful asset of mine is sold . Of all the things I have owned , this has been by far my most prized possession .

Terms of sale

My starting bid is firm and represents real value for money considering the likely $10,000 replacement cost .
( This is not a small plastic Chinese toy boat . You can find hundreds of toys under the desperate 99c auctions )

The item is 28 kgs and totally unsuitable for normal freight companies . I will NOT pack it ( Please don't ask me if I can )

Local buyers on the Gold Coast

. If you want to freight this item from the Gold Coast to another local destination , you will be required to make all the arrangement yourself . Most of all , you or your nominated representative ( family or friends ) must sign the model out on the day of pickup at my home . This will require your full acceptance and responsibility for the item before I can release it . I will however deliver the model FREE to anywhere within the Gold Coast area .

All other buyers including interstate

All other buyers outside the Gold Coast

Please do not ask me to help organise a suitable freight company .This item is
Strictly PICKUP ONLY . In general I believe all normal freight companies are totally unsuitable for this large fragile item . Maybe you can get a responsible family member or friend to drive the model interstate for you . All other ideas must be put forward to me before you place your bid . Perhaps you have a novel idea I haven't thought of yet , please let me know .
A stern / strict note : If you are outside the Gold Coast and are thinking of not contacting me first , placing a winning bid and then pre-organising any old freight company to come to my door , sign the model out , drag it onto the back of a truck and bounce it unprotected across Australia , then I will tell you right now ' YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME AND YOUR EBAY FEEDBACK SCORE '. I will not sign it out . I love this model too much to worry about it getting damaged . Yes , it means more than money to me .

Inspecting first .

Sorry , unfortunately too many people have no intention to buy , but would love to have a look at a super model boat like this one . Here is the deal ...... Upon winning and paying for the item , I will allow you to come to my home to inspect and possible reject the purchase on one condition only . If you can honestly tell me that Cosmos 2 is not an impressive model , I will refund all your money less the ebay fees . This does not mean you thought it was different to the photo's or any other thing like .... ' the auction did not state something clearly' . You have every opportunity to ask me all the questions now before the Auction finishes . Again , a total refund ( less ebay fees ) when you pickup in person AND IF you can honestly tell me that Cosmos 2 is not an impressive model . No other reason will be accepted . I can not be more fair than that .....


I will accept the following types . Australia Post Money Order or Direct deposit in to my bank .
If you want to use Paypal then you must pay ( Paypal's 3 % handling fee in addition to the winning price ) .

' My preference is a Money Order '.

To help you feel more secure about paying me for this item , I will offer you 2 points of security .

1) Please have a look at my 100 % percent positive feed back score on my CSKOO ebay account

2) For this Auction only , I will allow you to pay only $200 deposit in to my account ( non refundable ) and then the remaining portion of the winning price in cash upon pick up ( in person ) . Or if you want to pay the entire amount immediately through the safety of paypal , then I will only accept this on the bases of you paying their 3 % handling fee in addition to your winning bid price .

Please contact me now before placing a bid if you require any further information regarding Payment , Freight or Model details

I sincerely wish you the best of luck winning this huge ( one of a kind ) non- replaceable scale Mega Yacht .

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