More wonderful outdoor photos of Cosmos

Cosmos in the water with a beautiful Main Beach back drop

High and dry sitting on the beach . The day this shot was taken , some people walked past and just couldn't believe what they were seeing .

The famous hand carved Red Cedar Stand - no less than a work of art

Another great beach shot looking down on the sand . Look at all the detail !

A nice close up shot with Marina Mirage in the background .

In real life , the top deck spa would give swimmers amazing views ( 3 levels up )

Close up shot of the Hughes 500 D . Well proportioned to the scale of the ship

One of my favourite shots . Great depth of field , with the foreground sharp

Finally , a classic photo of something you don't see every day , a 7.4 ft model boat sitting all by itself on a beach . When was the last time you saw that ?

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